The 13th Doctor … Women v. Men … Why the hate?

If it wasn’t immediately obvious by the title of this Blog as a whole, I am a man. More to the point, I am the penultimate devil of the man-hating feminazi agenda. I am a white, straight, CIS, male in his mid-thirties. I like Science Fiction, Action Movies, and Video Games. My redeeming factor may be that I am married, although some would argue that it makes it worse.

That being said, I am not misogynistic. I might have my opinions that tend towards thinking that the whole direction feminism is taking these days is utterly ridiculous, but that does not make me misogynistic; merely disagreeable with the turn the movement has taken. What happened to being able to peaceably disagree with someone else? How is it that a person is demonized for disagreement? (this also applies to more than gender equality I might add).

Recently, the BBC announced that Doctor Who’s 13th incarnation of the title role would be a woman (specifically Broadchurch’s own Jodie Whittaker). For the record, I think this is a fantastic! idea (yeah, you whovians know what I did there). I honestly have no issue with a female Doctor Who. Gallifreyan Time-Lords are sort of gender-fluid, so, no worries about the role going to a woman. However, as I did with Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, and David Tenant, I shall reserve judgment until she actually stars in the role. As did the others, she will get a season from me before I decide if she is worthy of the title Doctor.

Personally, I think this is perfectly fair. I hated David Tenant until his fourth or fifth episode. I despised Matt Smith and his fish sticks and custard until three or four episodes in. I hated Capaldi and his grumpy eyebrows until near the end of his first season, when they spiced it up with that Missy/Master reveal (which, I might add, no one batted an eye about).

First, let me address you – Mr. Misogynistic Women Have to Have Everything Outcrier – you are sort of a jerk, well not sort of in any case, you are a jerk. Feminism is not about having everything, it is not about man-bashing/hating, it is not about taking your special snowflake place in the world. It is about empowering women to feel like they have their own place in the world and not feeling like second-class citizens. There is some fairness to be had and there is some equality that should be granted, but it is not a competition. So Mr. M.W.H. THEO, get off your soapbox and stop the butthurt about Doctor Who choosing a female lead, it’s not about you and your misogynistic tirade against women in a man’s role, because the Doctor is not one person, one gender, or one identity, the Doctor is a fluid and ever-changing entity.

Second, I am going to address you – Madame Misandry Men can All Burn and Die a Horrible Death – get over yourself. You have no right to treat men as the scum of the Earth because the previous generation of men were a bunch of jerks, or because the minority of men are Mr. M.W.H. THEO the epitome of jerkdom. Your cries of down with the patriarchy are getting old. There are very powerful women in all areas of the world, they run corporations, they run banks, they have television shows, they produce television shows. I get that you think you are fighting for women’s rights by being the Madame M.M.C. ABADAHD and spewing your hate of men and blaming any dereliction from your established agenda as blind misogyny or subjugation at the hands of misogynistic men. So, get off your high horse about people disagreeing with the BBC’s choice for a female Doctor. It’s not about you and your misandric sermon powered by man-tears. Some are resistant to character change, especially established norms.

Sometimes, we think we’re fighting for something, when really, we’re just fighting.

Sometimes, we take things too far. Sometimes, we think we’re fighting for something, when really, we’re just fighting. Men, embrace female empowerment, but fight when that empowerment tries to become subjugation of men. We do not have to put up with cruelty for the sake of making women feel empowered, we do not need to grovel like dogs for our wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers to feel they have a valid place in the world. Women, embrace your empowerment with grace. Be better than those men whose misogyny knows no bounds. Do not try to become tyrants of wrath hell-bent on destroying men so that you can rise up. No one who is standing on someone else’s shoulders is going to stay there for long. Making another weak to make yourself strong does nothing, but shift the balance in the opposite. It is like a pendulum that will swing back eventually and with more force.

Instead, we, both men and women, need to work together to change the injustices of the past and ensure they’re not repeated. Empower women, empower men, to be our best selves, regardless of our gender. We don’t have to have female leads in male roles, or male leads in female roles.

A woman Captain America wouldn’t make any more sense than a Male Wonder Woman. At the same time, a female Doctor makes perfect logical sense based on the show itself. The Master became Missy and no one batted an eye.

No one wins in war.

My wife and I are excited, she probably more than I, about the 13th Doctor. However, my wife has admitted it is more for the exit of Capaldi than it is for a female Doctor. I welcome the change, but this doesn’t have to be some gender equality war, no one wins in war.

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